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About the project:

project results will be requested at report stage(s). Final payment provisions in the contract will be linked to the availability of such summary. School bullying is defined as” Unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance”.The values of freedom, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination are cornerstone values of European societies, but bullying at schools damages these values.Bullying issue is a key factor in early school leaving, and has serious and long-term effects. It affects mental health and the academic performance of children. The coordinating school(Slovenia) felt the necessity of implementing this project based on the needs analysis with the aim of increasing academic achievement, raising the rate of university placement, dropping out of school and achieving social inclusion, which is in accordance with EU 2020 goals and the achievement of schools’ own strategic goals, so the coordinator collaborate with other 5 schools(Romania,Italy,Greece,Turkey,Germany),which have attach importance to bullying issues and have good practices about it. The target audience of the project is students, teachers, parents, school administrations, local people, neighboring schools, local authorities.In total 72 teachers who constantly strive for their own professional development and 144 students aged between 14-16 will participate in 6LTTs. Thanks to 1st LTT in Slovenia, it is aimed to enhance the awareness of bullying among the participants and to learn the indicators of bullying via hands on activities such designing t-Shirts, brochures, mottos, etc. It is targeted to gain deeper understanding about the indicators of bullying by visiting an NGO. The 2nd LTT in Greece, cyberbullying cases will be reduced thanks to improved emphatic thoughts and consciousness of the issue.When it comes to the 3rd LTT in Romania, it will improve the sense of empathy, break the barriers and stereotypes, improve the dialogue and team spirit thanks to drama. The 4th LTT in Italy will serve the purposes of combating stress, improving self-confidence, widening students’ social circle, improving students’ social interactions. Thanks to the 5th LTT, it will be targeted to developing the emphatic thinking. As for the last LTT in Germany, The relation between the bullies and victims will be strengthened and social inclusion will be increased thanks to social and educational activities.These objectives will be achieved through cooperative learning, outdoor/ indoor learning-teaching, scaffolding, problem solving,CLIL, ICT, all of which are based on interactive teaching and student-centered methodologies. Local activities both before and after each LTT will enable us to realize LTTAs and their objectives as planned and to integrate the gainings into the school’s curriculum and finally to empower the partner schools with looking from whole school approach. By dint of LTTAs and mentioned techniques and methodologies, we aim at obtaining the following in/tangible results: Reduced bullying in partner schools at least by 30% and 40% for the 1st and 2nd years of the project respectively Teachers and parents will learn their roles and responsibilities to deal with bullying thanks to seminars Short films by pupils and families A rap song composed by pupils on befriending Posters created by pupils Seminars about preventing bullying for pupils, teachers and parents An informational brochure to be distributed to other schools to make them aware of the project A digital book to enlighten the other European countries experiencing the same problem T-shirt designs for dissemination Digital citizenship and Peer bullying weeks to be held in partner schools every year to ensure the sustainability Silent Drama to raise awareness of bullying In long term, the peer bullying at partner schools will decrease due to the activities of the project full of friendship messages. That will create a better educational environment for all the students in the partner schools that will help preventing the early school leaving in the future. Since the common language of the project is in English, both students’ and teachers’ communicative competences will increase. Likewise, as students and teachers will use ICT in some project outputs, their digital skills will improve and this will help them use their improved digital skills in their lives, professions and new EU projects. The concrete results will be available on TwinSpace, Youtube Channel, project’s website and school’ websites at the disposal of everyone interested in bullying. Thanks to eTwinning project and learning events and online meeting on eTwinning, the project gainings will reach to larger audience and long-lasting. We will go on organizing an “ anti-bullying” week every year at each partner school even after the Project ends. This activity will turn into a tradition at partner schools which will promote peace and friendship for years.The e-book to be prepared as a final product will ensure the sustainability of our project and will be used as an inspiring guide by all the stakeholders

Project partners:



Colegiul de Arta “Ciprian Porumbescu” Suceava Romania




  1. Turkey (November 2021)
  2. Slovenia (January 2022)
  3. Romania (March 2022)
  4. Italy (April 2022)
  5. Greece (May 2022)


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